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Archive | October, 2006

BQP20061028 – Acts Chapter 8

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NewsResults from the Potomac District (A/G).The World of Bible Quiz and Bible BowlFree Methodist Quizzing – director Mike HopperResource ReviewQuestion-Writer & Question-Pro, written by Keith Smith. Windows-based computer programs to help you write questions for yourself or your quiz ministry. Good features and tools to write and output questions.

Both programs are “Highly Recommended” by the BibleQuizPodcast.

Quick Study of Acts Chapter 8The 5 Question QuizToday’s questions courtesy of Dan Marlow. Thanks, Dan!

Upcoming BQP Special

We are gathering questions for some special editions of the podcast that will be Questions-Only reviews.

BQP20061020 – Acts Chapter 7

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BQ News- Minnesota A/G 1st League Quiz- S. Idaho A/G 1st League Quiz- Indiana A/G DYD Invitational- Youth Challenge Western Slope & Eastern District Quiz- Pen. Florida A/G Points System

The World of Bible Quiz and Bible BowlWe look at the Bible Quiz Fellowship. Email Fred Voltmer for more information.

Study Time – Acts Chapter 7

The 5 Question Quiz. It’s worth 90 points, plus bonus points.

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BQP20061012 – Acts Chapter 6


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BQ News

• ZeeCraft updates their information

• Assemblies of God National and Master memorization forms—article-814.shtml

• Assemblies of God 2007 Discipleship Award—article-816.shtml

• Ohio A/G’s first league quiz

• North Carolina A/G’s first league quiz

• Pen. Florida A/G’s first league quiz

Answers from last week

The World of Bible Quiz and Bible Bowl

• Bible Quiz in the Christian Missionary Alliance—quizzing.htm


Study Time

• Acts 6

• 5 Question Quiz – Acts Chapter 6


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BQP20061006 – Acts Chapter 5

We broaden our range by looking at the various Bible Quiz and Bible Bowl ministries and resources that are available.

Search for “Bible Quiz” in wikipedia as a starting point. is the home of one quiz ministry.Look at the links to the side of the this page for other ministry and resource links.

Answers to last week’s 10 Question Quiz. A brief Bible study on chapter 5. Our 5 Question Quiz.

BQP20061002 – Acts Chapter 4

A personal note from Dave Pizzolo about the Empire Classic.The 22nd Annual Gold Cup Tournament is around the corner. Contact Tim Ferguson.

Pen. Florida league competition begins this weekend. It will include 3 teams from Teen Challenge girls’ facility in Jupiter.

Answers from last week’s quiz.

Study time on Acts chapter 4 – the S’s.

Our TEN Question Quiz, courtesy of Brian Lewis. Thanks, Brian!

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