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Archive | November, 2006

BQP20061122 – Acts Chapter 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

A shortened episode with a simple study of Acts Chapter 12 and the 5 Question Quiz.

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BQP20061117 – Acts Chapter 11

Making up for lost time.

Another episode right on top of the last one to make up for the one we missed last week. Follow?

We mention the Bible Quiz Fellowship again, and some of the ministry partners involved.

Trivia from chapter 11…although I have a hard time calling anything in the Bible trivial.

One Minute Study of Chapter 11.

The 5 Question Quiz.

BQP20061115 – Acts Chapter 10

Peter and Cornelius.

Sorry for the delay in this episode. We’re into a very busy time of year…bet you haven’t heard THAT one from your quizzers, huh?In this episode we look at Junior Bible Quiz. Also, some updates on league quizzing in the Assemblies of God.

The 5 Question Quiz and One Minute Bible Study look at Acts Chapter 10.

BQP20061103 – Acts Chapter 9

Give us 10 minutes and we’ll give you…a podcast.

Tournament news from the Gold Cup and Michiana.New coaches tips from the Assemblies of God.

Information on the World Bible Quiz Association.

One Minute Bible Study – Acts Chapter 9.

The 5 Question Quiz.