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Archive | December, 2006

BQP20061230 – Acts Chapter 15

Farewell and Hello.

National level questions (Assemblies of God-style) from Aaron Kohler.

Great testimonies of God’s goodness from Bible Quiz people can be read at the Assemblies of God web site. Dave P’s story of 9/11 is really good. Read them at

A shout-out to Midland Ministries, part of the Bible Quiz Fellowship.

Tiny Little Items of Interest from Acts 15.

Study Time – a critical point of church history.Tiny Little Item Answer – and another question.

The 5 Question Quiz (and one question bonus).

BQP20061222 – REVIEW – Acts 1-14

Marking the halfway point with a special review show.

Rules Review

A Tip for New Quizzers on ( )

A 20 Question Quiz review on chapters 1-14.

Merry Christmas from sunny Southwest Florida!

BQP20061216 – Acts Chapter 14

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▶ ? Georgia [email protected]
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▶ ? Indiana [email protected]
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▶ ? Competition Change in A/G Quiz.
▶ ? National Memorization Awards
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▼ ? Notes
• ? New Equipment – The Lightsnake XLR-to-USB cable.
▼ ? Music
• ? Artist is Paul Lindsay and the track is Come Holy Spirit.
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BQP20061202 – Acts Chapter 13

Only 23 quizzing days until Christmas!

Look at this link for a good resource – “The Ideal Practice” by coaches and leaders in the Assemblies of God quizzing ministry.

An update on the BQP Question Contest – (the deadline is extended)The 5 Question Quiz.

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