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Archive | January, 2007

BQP20070128 – Acts Chapter 19

Nothing but questions.

Don’t you hate when the podcast is late? I do. But here it is, and there’s no news, no tips, no witty monologue…that’s right, nothing but questions.

So quit reading and start quizzing.The 10 Question Quiz.

BQP20070120 – Acts Chapter 18

A resource for Bible Quiz and Bible Bowl ministries.

Get well, Ty. Send Taiwo Masha an email to let him know you’re thinking of him.

The New Coaches Manual is now available from the Assemblies of God.

The Five Question Quiz…with a bonus.

BQP20070114 – Acts Chapter 17

Nothing compares with being forgiven and knowing Jesus Christ…Things a good team does by John Hunter on the Assemblies of God’s Forum.

News from A/G quiz leagues.

New questions available from Dan Marlow.

Acts chapter 17 – The Five Question Quiz, plus a bonus!

BQP20070104 – Acts Chapter 16

Better than a night in a Philippian prison.

Keeping the Momentum going – an article on Contribute to future articles by writing to Jason Martin.

Upcoming tournaments – The Tulsa Tournament; Mid-Winter Classic; Friendship Classic.

The rule I tend to forget.

More on “farewell.”

A TEN Question Quiz – plus bonus question!