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Archive | March, 2007

BQP20070330 – Acts Chapter 27

A basic episode with no news, tips, tricks, or much of anything, OTHER than questions, answers, and pleas for involvement.

The 5 Question Quiz – 14 questions long.

I know you’re out there – let me hear from you!

BQP20070322 – Acts Chapter 26

In the homestretch…As some teams near the end of this season, it is time to set some goals for GEPCP. Check this discussion thread on the forum.

The 5 Question Quiz – seven for A, three more for Novice.

BQP20070315 – Acts Chapter 25

A little March BQ Madness.

News from Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida.

Does your league give awards other than top teams and quizzers – such as the Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Quizzer of the Year trophies given in Florida?

The 5 Question Quiz, plus a few Novice questions.

BQP20070308 – Acts Chapters 1-11 – Novice Review

District Finals begin around the country.

Here’s a 20 question set all from the first eleven chapters of Acts. A-League quizzers can benefit from these as well.

BQP20070301 – Acts Chapter 24

Welcome to the podcast devoted to Bible Quiz and Bible Bowl ministry.

Teams and quizzers are in the home-stretch in many areas of the country. District, Regional, and National Finals are near, as well as many top-notch invitational tournaments. If you have news or things you’d like to share about your tourney or team, let us know!

Check out my other podcast – for those interested in Christian drama – the Church Drama Podcast.The 5 Question Quiz – expanded to 10 “A”-League questions over the first 24 chapters of Acts, and 5 “Novice” questions over the first 11 chapters of Acts.