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Archive | June, 2007

BQP20070626 – Quiz Nation – Errata

Just caught a very obvious error in one of the questions from this episode’s 5 Question Quiz.

So, when you get to a question that asks about apostles – and other people – just ignore the apostle part. For some reason I skipped all the references to apostles.

But be ready, because I’m sure that will be a question on the next podcast!Sorry for the error. (And let me know if you see any more)

BQP20070626 – Quiz Nation

Quiz Nation.

Not much chit-chat in this episode, but we do have our 5 – make that 15 – Question Quiz, most of which are funky-hard.

Here is a guide to taking the 5 Question Quiz.
1. Listen to the question.
2. When you think you know the answer AND how to finish the question, stop your MP3 player.
3. Finish the question – if you interrupted it – and give the answer.
4. Time yourself. You should be able to do step 3 in 30 seconds or less – unless I have asked a REALLY hard, long, and difficult question.
5. Hit play on your MP3 player and see how you did.Send your questions, comments, CORRECTIONS, and quiz related info to [email protected]

BQP20070609 – Who is Pauline?

An overdue podcast about Bible Quiz and Bible Bowl.

WBQ Finals are approaching, June 27-30 at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

James River is hosting a Pre-Nationals Tournament for Assemblies of God teams, June 15th and 16th in Ozark, Missouri.

A brief introduction to the writings of Paul.

The 5 Question Quiz – 17 questions, with room for 3 more. Help me finish this set by submitting either a 10-, 20-, or 30-point question…or all three! We’ll share your submission on upcoming shows.