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Archive | September, 2007

BQP20070909 – Season 2 Entry 4 – Galatians Chapter 2

Not much news to report – send your tourney info to me and I’ll share it with the BQ community.

A Tiny Little Item of Interest.

Study time over Galatians 2.

The 5 Question Quiz – with more.

BQP20070909 – Season 2 Entry 3 – Galatians Chapter 1

More of the beginning…Jeff Sharkey has a Breakpoints file available for the Application Questions.

Short study on Galatians chapter 1.

The 5 Question Quiz.

BQP20070831 – Season 2 Entry 2 – Introduction to Galatians

Tasty BQ Goodness.

Rule Change Update – Link to the BQ website info.

Here’s what it says:An Application Question is a question from the Bible Quiz Study Guide that requires answers from the current topics being studied concerning Biblical verses, books, authors, history, doctrine, and/or other related topics.1.