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Archive | October, 2007

BQP20071027 – Season 2 Entry 9 – Ephesians Chapter 1

One of the shortest entries ever.

No news. No tips. No reviews.

But we do have questions over Ephesians chapter 1 in our 5 Question Quiz – with bonus questions.

BQP20071020 – Season 2 Entry 8 – Galatians Chapter 6 (REPOST)

Reposting Entry number 8 because of a problem with the original file. Delete the original number 8 if you already downloaded it. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the 2nd reposting of this file. Entry number 9 will be along soon.Tim

BQP20071012 – Season 2 Entry 7 – Galatians Chapter 5

Getting Your Feedback.

Quick study on Galatians chapter 5 – Living by the Spirit.

The 5 Question Quiz – bonused to 10.Let me hear from you!

BQP20071007 – Season 2 Entry 6 – Galatians Chapter 4

Welcome to the world of Bible Quiz ministry.

A quick overview of Galatians chapter 4.

The 5 Question Quiz over Galatians chapter 4, with 5 extra questions thrown in.

BQP20071001 – Season 2 Entry 5 – Galatians Chapter 3

Sorry for yet another delay in the podcast schedule. Hope this is worth the wait. Look for another entry later this week…