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Archive | October, 2008


Karl and Tim are joined by Joey Bohanon for some Joey Questions, talk about Gold Cup and Michiana, and a 5 Question Quiz with five from Karl.Send your questions, favorite BQ drills, BQ picks and other odds and ends to [email protected]


Too bad you’re not going to get to hear the show we originally recorded…or attempted to record. Karl, Josh, and Joey were with us – but technical errors have limited this show to Scott and Tim.

We talk about leagues and Mark chapter 4. And, of course, college football.

The 5 Question Quiz is here, too.


Karl, Scott, and Tim are back for some Bible Quiz discussion. Leagues are beginning – and have already begun in Florida and Georgia.We talk about how to increase involvement in Bible Quiz and what YOU can do to encourage others.

The 5 Question Quiz, from guest writer, James Lex.

If the audio quality seems less…it is. We have had to decrease the size of our audio files because of the limits of our hosting service and the longer shows we are now producing. We apologize if this offends your ears.Tim and Scott end the show with their picks for the football weekend.Write to us at [email protected]


Mark Chapter 2.

Scott, Karl, and Tim explore the latest news and information in the Bible Quiz world. The importance of memorization, and we answer the most common objections to memorizing. Analysis of Mark chapter 2. The 5 Question Quiz.