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Archive | February, 2009


Tim and Joey are joined by Dan Marlow and Dan Meddaugh to talk about all things Bible Quiz…and some things that aren’t Bible Quiz.The former quizzers share some Nationals stories. We hear about Dan Meddaugh’s Excel scoring sheet. We talk about past and future tournaments. Some advice on chapter analysis. The question writers for next year. Analysis of Mark chapter 13.

The 5 Question Quiz, courtesy of James Lex.Scott McGillis joins us at the end for some Gator-love.


A audio note from Tim. If you’d like to join us on the podcast, let me know. Email [email protected]


Saturday Night Special.

Richard Fair and Joey Bohanon join Tim for some BQ discussion.

We talk about tournaments, past and future.Richard brings the questions for the 5 Question Quiz. And we did it all under an hour.