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Archive | March, 2009


Hear what happens when Scott McGillis, Dan Marlow and Joey Bohanon join Tim for a late-night show. Can you tell when Skype fails us?We discuss the merits of Karl Dawson’s coaching strategy and Mark chapter 16.

James Lex provides a 5 Question Quiz and Dan presents his own bonus 5 Question Quiz.

Got a question about coaching, questions, quizzing or anything else related to Teen Bible Quiz? Write to us.


Richard Fair returns to the show to join Dan Marlow, Joey and Tim for a Sunday night Spring-Forward-cast. We talk about the River Classic, JBQ and the Bible Bee. There is also in-depth analysis of Mark Chapter 15 and the questions in the 5 Question Quiz – questions by James Lex.


Joey, Tim, and the two Dans get together for interesting news and analysis of Teen Bible Quiz.We discuss the River Classic, dissension on a team, attraction between quizzers, our least favorite rules. There is also a great breakdown of Mark Chapter 14.

James Lex provides the questions for our 5 Question Quiz.

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