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Archive | April, 2009


Tim is joined by Bible Quiz philosophers Dan Marlow and Joey Bohanon. We talk about District and Regional Finals news. Questions from James Lex, Brian Lewis, and Dan make for a full set on the 5 Question Quiz.That, and so much more, in less than an hour!Write us: [email protected]


Coming back after a week missed because of computer failure, Tim is joined by Dan Meddaugh from Muskogee, a late-arriving Joey Bohanon and Brian Lewis, official Novice question writer

for 1st and 2nd Corinthians for a rather short show.We talk about district finals in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Southern Missouri, results from the Xtreme tournament, novice questions, and informatics. We get a Triple-Sized 5 Question Quiz (courtesy of James Lex) and make some surprising World Series picks.

Read more about Brian’s chosen field on his website.

We would LOVE to hear from you. Write us at [email protected](Next show in 2 weeks. Happy Easter!)