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Archive | November, 2009


Joey, Dan, Kevin, and Richard join Tim for an entertaining and informative discussion. We talk about the Bible Bee, tips and helps for new coaches and quizzers, a sneak peek of the Missouri Classic, and other current quizzer news.

The 5 Question Quiz gets a bonus five questions, courtesy of Abby, James, and Ben.

The gang dissects and adds their opinions of the questions and how to improve them. Also, a short discussion on the importance of sticking close to the official question writing style.We also discuss First Corinthians chapter 6.(All of this happens in the midst of some technical glitches – and even after editing there is still some electronic interference.)

Find helps and hints for new quizzers at the BQP crew: [email protected]]]>


Official Novice League Question Writer Brian Lewis and Dr. Joey Bohanon discuss question writing, data cleaning, and 1st Corinthians chapter 5.

The 5 Question Quiz comes from Abby Rogers and James Lex.


A solocast as Tim delivers a short show, discussing insider-mentality and encouraging experienced quiz people to reach out.What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the “rant”. (Not really a rant, as much as it is a concerned observation.) Do you even understand what Tim is talking about?

Let us hear from you – send your comments to [email protected] and we’ll share your thoughts on the air.

The 5 Question Quiz covers 1st Corinthians chapter 4, courtesy of Abby Rogers and James Lex.