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Archive | May, 2010


Kevin Wagner joins TIm for discussion of the eight regions of Assemblies of God Teen Bible Quiz, and what National Finals might look like.

Tim gives a brief first-hand report of the Southeast, while Kevin reports in from the SouthCentral.

Tim looks at 2nd Corinthians chpater 13.

The 5 Question Quiz from Abby Rogers covers that same chapter. (No pdf copy available for this week’s quiz.)

And Tim provides a last minute correction.


Jesse and Joey join Tim for Regional results. They discuss the five regionals from last week, as well as reports from the road from Dan Meddaugh on the South Central region results. We also look ahead to the Southeast Regional Final.

There is also discussion of more National Finals news, including a new big prize for the National Champion.

Analysis and commentary on 2nd Corinthians chapter 12.

The 5 Question Quiz on 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 from Abby Rogers – edited by James Lex.

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Kevin Wagner, coach of the two-time defending National Champion Owasso, Oklahoma team, joins Tim to discuss BibleQuizNation.

National Finals, including new guidelines for determining who will be in the Final Four. Regional Finals from around the country. District developments.

How do you award quizzers in your district? Tim shares some answers from District Coordinators.

Study-guide questions – would you like them as part of League sets? We discuss Dan Marlow’s Forum poll. (You can go and vote)

Analysis and commentary on 2nd Corinthians 10 and 11, plus TWO 5 Question Quizzes, courtesy of Abby Rogers and Matthew Klika.

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