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Archive | September, 2010


How do you get started in Bible Quiz? What are the pitfalls? What are the opportunities? How do you get a team together?

We begin to answer these questions and more on this entry of the show. More answers to follow.

We also look at John chapter 2, and our 5 Question Quiz.


Welcome to a new season of the BQP! We kick it off with hints and helps specifically for new and newer quizzers and coaches. Tim is joined by Dr. Joey on the Skype line.
Among the links and helps that we mention are:

The Extremely Helpful Bible Quiz Web Site –
The Official Assemblies of God BQ web site –
The link to GPH for official Bible Quiz materials.
Dr. Joey’s full concordance – basic & sorted.
The Bible Quiz Forum –
Karl Dawson’s BQ Coach blog –
Results from the Empire Classic
Application Questions for John
Send us email – [email protected]
And here is the 5 Question Quiz – courtesy of Abby Rogers.

If we haven’t linked to something that we said in the show…well, there’s always Google.
(And how do you like the new music?)

It’s about that time

After an extra-long break from the studio, we’re polishing our microphones and pulling out our Scripture portions. Season Five of the Bible Quiz Podcast is about to begin.

If you have questions, comments, tips, tricks, or anything else you’d like to contribute to the show, please let us know. Everything we do is geared to help students and encourage the Bible Quiz community in their love of God’s Word.

You can help by telling your friends about the show and subscribing. (Remember – “subscribing” is simply telling iTunes that you want to have each new episode automatically downloaded to iTunes. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s the right thing to do.) Also, you can “Like” us on Facebook, or Follow the BQP on Twitter.

Entry #1 should be in your feed within the next week.

We look forward to the new year and the Gospel of John.