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Archive | October, 2010


James and Tim discuss the high entry cost for getting involved in Teen Bible Quiz. What is involved? What does it cost? Where can I find a quiz box and what are the alternatives? What else do I need?

We answer these questions and ask a few of our own. We mention the list of quiz boxes at

We also break down John chapter 6.

The 5 Question Quiz.

Email us with your questions and comments.

Here is a copy of the Coaches’ Survey – fill it in and email it to [email protected]


James Lex and Jesse Czubkowski join Tim for the latest news and notes in the world of Bible Quiz. We bring you up to date with the guidelines for the Discipleship, Memory, and Master Memory awards.

James and Jesse tell you their answers to the Bible Quiz Survey. (If you are looking at this after October 25, 2010, you can still download the survey and/or send your comments to Rod Whitlock at the Assemblies of God Youth Department.)

We discuss John chapter 5.

We cover the 5 Question Quiz.

We are posting daily on the Bible Quiz Podcast page on Facebook. If you have suggestions, things you’d like to see, let us know.

Let us hear from you! We welcome your questions, comments, and submissions.


Tim is joined by Richard Fair, Michael Pearson, and James Lex to talk about Bible Quiz, the league matches, questions, commentary, and the Five Question Quiz. The guys talk about how far everyone should be right now, what practices should look like, and what to do to get better.


Tim and Dr. B discuss the First League quiz and what you can look forward to with the questions this year. We also give practical advice to coaches and quizzers who are just beginning. What should a coach be doing? What can you do during a practice?

We also analyze John chapter 3.

The Five Question Quiz over John chapter 3, courtesy of Abby Rogers.
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