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Archive | November, 2010


Dan and Joey join Tim to talk about John Chapter 10. We also give some beginner help as we discuss “What Makes An Answer Correct” from the Bible Quiz rulebok.

The Five Question Quiz is over John chapter 10.

We also discuss the 2010 edition of the NIV and what effect it will have – or won’t have – on Bible Quiz.

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Dan, James, and Tim talk about “watering down” Bible Quiz, what that means, and whether it’s a bad idea or a necessary move for growth of the ministry.The Five Question Quiz, via James and Abby.

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We have news and notes from around Bible Quiz.

If you didn’t participate in the Bible Quiz Coaches Survey that was available for a brief time on Survey Monkey, you can download the survey here, fill it out, and submit it to the National office. They would still love to get your feedback.

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The 2010 Sunshine Classic 3.0 is accepting registrations…until all 24 spots are filled. Email Joshua Weber for all the information.

Take the 5 Question Quiz as we do it on the show, then download it for review. Thanks, Abby!


Tim looks at the Introduction to the Official Rule Book for Teen Bible Quiz in the Assemblies of God and the important information you will find there.

An analysis of John Chapter 7.

The 5 Question Quiz over John Chapter 7 from Ms. Abby Rogers.

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