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Archive | January, 2011


DOCTOR Joey Bohanon joins Tim for discussion of tournaments, league quizzing, questions, and a look at What Makes An Answer Incorrect.

Analysis of John chapter 14.

The Five Question Quiz – a review quiz by Ms. Abby Rogers.


James Lex, Tom Ferguson, and Dan Meddaugh join Tim for conversation about the Southern Fried Classic, League competitions, and analysis of John chapter 13.

We also discuss What Makes An Answer Correct when Interrupting a Question.

The Five Question Quiz from Abby Rogers covers John chapters 1-12, with a bonus Five Question Quiz over John chapter 13.

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A really BIG show, with news and great information for new and experienced quizzers and coaches.

Latest results from the Southern Fried Classic and league results, too.

Been to the BQ Forum lately? You’re not alone – unless you actually went there. What’s up with that?

And what former quizzer had her crowning acheivement this week?

We look at John chapter 12 in our brief analysis segment.

The main part of this show is a one-on-one with coach Richard Fair. He shares some of the new things he is trying using Google’s apps to keep his team and quiz ministry on the cutting edge. Richard also shared some of the documents he uses to coach his team.

What do you use? What ideas do Richard’s ideas provoke in you?

The Five Question Quiz from Abby Rogers over John chapter 12.


Help for the newer quizzer and one-on-one interview with Dr. Joseph P. Bohanon.

The Five Question Quiz from Abby Rogers covers John chapters 1-11.