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Archive | January, 2012


Larry Mullins and James Lex join Tim for a birthday show, with discussion about Teen Bible Quiz. (James is a little late.)

Larry talks about his Scorekeep and Webkeep programs that help coordinators and scorekeepers keep score and track all the stats. He also discusses the development roadmap and what we can expect to see in the future from these two programs. You can find out more about the software at

James brings us up to date on the Georgia district and we discuss some of the latest news from

The Five Question Quiz comes from Abby Rogers.

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Tim discusses current Bible Quiz news and notes, including the new website, upcoming tournaments, and the 5 Question Quiz is brought to you by the Teen Bible Quiz app for iOS devices, available on the iTunes app store.

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Karl Dawson discusses the River Classic and the details of preparing for travel, including fundraising ideas and procedures.

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Sorry, but there is no 5 Question Quiz in this entry.


Tim gets us back on board with a taste of the year to come.

The 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 3.