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Archive | February, 2012


You might be tempted to leap over this very short show, but you would miss…

A little bit more about Study-Pro from Keith Smith and the

A little bit about what is coming next on the show.

The 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews 10 from Abby Rogers.

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Larry, Cindy, James, and Kevin join Tim to talk about a bunch of BIble Quiz stuff.

Recap of the South Texas Tournament from Kevin. Recap of the Mark Gilmer Atlanta Open from James.

Tim updates Jude information from Seth Sundell and hotel information for Nationals.

The Appalachian TBQ website leads us to the IOS App Store and some Bible Quiz apps from Keith Smith. Check out the Quiz-Pro app for IOS and Android devices. [Edit: You can see all of Keith’s products at]

Kevin discusses the Hall-of-Fame Quotient and how to come up with the top 20 quizzers of the last 50 years.

The 5 Question Quiz.

And a tease.


Larry, Dan, and Tim talk about Teen Bible Quiz. Who are the greatest quizzers of all time? What do the stats say? What about other factors that come into play? Your homework for this week – read Kevin Wagner’s post on the Forum and the latest post by Karl Dawson.

What quiz box do you use? What has been reliable for you? Which box would you recommend? The guys talk about quiz boxes and some alternative and solutions that are more friendly to your quiz budget. Fly swatters? Here is a fun 24-pack version, or a more basic, but slightly more expensive pack of 24. Of course, if you really want to splurge, here is that Amish Made Leather Fly Swatter.

Guidance for Jude has been posted, as well as the Jude chapter analysis, at

The Five Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 8.

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Kevin, Larry, and Joey talk about tournament results and what they have been up to. We also talk about which chapter is best and which chapter to quote in front of the church for your memorization award.

The 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 7, from Abby Rogers.


We have scores and stats from the Friendship tournament. We talk with Larry and Cindy about the leadership change in the National Youth Department, Karl’s latest blog post and some of the things that coordinators need to think about.

The 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 6.

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