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Archive | March, 2012


Kevin, Larry and Tim are joined by legendary Bible Quiz personality and long-time author of the Bible Quiz Study Guide, Dr. George Edgerly.

We discuss the first 50 years of Bible Quiz…and what led up to it. Dr. Edgerly talks about some of the greatest quizzers he ever saw.

We also bring you up to the present, talking about recent changes to the National Finals schedule, the change to the Bible Quiz Cycle, and late-breaking news direct from the National Coordinator.

The Five Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 12.

See the trailer to the Bible Quiz Movie and get great prizes by supporting the production.

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A special interview with Producer/Director Nicole Teeny. She is the creative force behind The BIble Quiz Movie, a documentary that follows the lives of Assemblies of God Quizzers from Districts to Nationals.

See more about the movie, including the trailer, at See how you can contribute to this project at See more of Nicole’s work and design at

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Kevin, Larry, and Tim talk once again about the River Classic, then move to District Finals, the 50 Greatest Quizzers and Kevin’s revelations about the Hall of Fame Quotient.

Also, Bible Quiz: the Movie.

And the 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 11.

Don’t forget: Study-Pro for iOS and Android is available on the App Store and the web.

Entry 13 Delayed

Entry 13 is currently in a holding pattern, somewhere over Omaha, I believe.

My current hosting solution – through Libsyn – limits the amount of data I can upload. (it’s not cheap!)

Entry 13 should be available sometime Saturday. Sorry for the delay.


Karl and Tim recap the River Classic, then talk about the 50 Greatest Quizzers of the First 50 Years. Karl explains the process and how it came to be.

Read about the list and see the first 10 by going to Karl’s blog,