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Archive | April, 2012


Larry and Tim are joined by a late-arriving James Lex…and an even later-arriving Jesse Czubkowski…to talk about Regionals and what’s coming up in Teen Bible Quiz.

Regional coordinators should contact Larry for scoring help.

Check for live updates from most of the 8 Regional Finals.

The 5 Question Quiz over 1 Peter 2.


Karl Dawson joins Tim to talk about all the latest news and notes from the world of Teen Bible Quiz in the Assemblies of God.

The Emmaus Experience.

Opportunities for donation and contribution for National Finals.

Scholarships that are available to Bible Quizzers, even those that might not make it to National Finals. Matthew material. Pre-Nationals questions. Only one week until Regionals begin. The Twitter hash tag for Nationals (#Columbus12). The upcoming revision to Study-Pro for iOS and Android from Keith Smith. (Keith has other study materials available as well. They can be found at

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Read Karl’s blog –

Get more information about Bible Quiz at

The 5 Question Quiz over Hebrews from the always delightful Abby Rogers.


Karl and Tim talk about the Discipleship Award and look at the practical applications quizzers should gain from the book of Hebrews.

Here are the guidelines requirements for the Discipleship Award for 2011-2012. As we mention on the show, the opportunity to fulfill these requirements in time for the award has already passed. However, this will give you an idea of what the reward requires. In addition, you can still use this as a discipleship tool personally or within your student group.

The CD’s we talk about, the Basic 5 and the Study Guide CD, can be found at

The 5 Question Quiz over the book of Hebrews.

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Larry and Joey join Tim to talk about the latest news, including results from various District Finals, special awards, and Memorization and Discipleship Recogntion.

Part two of the 50 Greatest Quizzers list, as well as other lists that you could make when thinking about the first 50 years of Bible Quiz in the Assemblies of God.
The killer feature of the Study Pro app for iOS and Android from Keith Smith and the

An way to keep score on your iPad, courtesy of Carly Houpt (@TheCarlyJean)
The secret list that may be revealed in the Bible Quiz Movie.

For quizzers finishing their memory work of the quiz material, what’s next? What happens after achieving your memory award, what else should you work on?

The Five Question Quiz over Hebrews chapter 13.

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