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Archive | June, 2012


So THIS is actually the last show before National Finals. And then we will have more AFTER Nationals. Kevin, James, Larry, Cindy, and Joey join Tim to preview Finals and talk about how you can keep up with all the news.

The NEW and Nationals Grand Central.

And we have MULTIPLE 5 Question Quizzes from Abby Rogers…2nd Peter chapter 3, Jude, and a comprehensive set.

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One last show before the one last show – Kevin, Dan, and – eventually – Jesse, get together to talk about Nationals, statistics, and more.

The Jude concordance can be found at

The 5 Question Quiz over 2nd Peter chapter 2, from Ms. Abby Rogers.

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Karl and Kevin join Tim to talk about the upcoming National Finals.

Karl shares his thoughts on Jude and the potential problems for quizzers trying to prepare for questions from Jude. Karl speaks his mind and expands on thoughts from his blog. (After the show, Karl sent a note further explaining that he is not trying to blame writer Seth Sundell for what Karl sees as problematic with the Jude questions. Karl said that he simply wishes Jude had been in the regular material, not held especially for Nationals.)

For Seth’s explanation of the Jude questions, check (The explanation is no longer listed on the official BQ website.)

We also talk about Matthew and a correction to the official portion for Matthew.
Congratulations to the 2012 JBQ National Championship team from Billings, MT. See the full stats from the national JBQ tournament here.

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