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Archive | January, 2013


Karl and Jesse join Tim to talk about the Friendship Classic 2013 and the news from around Bible Quiz land.

Karl talks about preparing a team and the elements that go into Game Planning. This is particularly good for coaches.

Update on the Bible Quiz Movie.

The 5 Question Quiz over Matthew chapter 5.

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James Lex returns to talk about BQ tips for coaches and what’s going on in North Texas.

Items from the January 2013 Coaches Connection.

Upcoming tournaments, both invitational and regional.

The 5 Question Quiz over Matthew chapter 4.

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Kevin and Jesse join Tim to talk about BQ and BQ-related happenings from coast-to-coast.

League play and a Friendship Classic preview.

The NIV Audio Bible from Zondervan.

Question-Pro from Keith Smith and the

The Bible Quiz movie premiere at Slamdance.

The 5 Question Quiz over Matthew chapter 3.

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Entry 6 recalled…for now

Due to a “technical” issue, we have pulled the most recently posted entry of the podcast. It was posted earlier today as “BQP2013016-Season07-Entry06.” In addition, if you are subscribed to the show via iTunes and have already downloaded the entry, please do not share it with anyone.

We were made aware after posting the show that some of the information that we talked about should not have been discussed publicly at this time. I will re-release the entry in an edited form. Later, when allowed to do so, I will re-post the original entry so you can hear what was said.

Sorry for the confusion – and the fact that I can’t say more than that right now.

– Tim


A short show just to say – yes, we are still here. A brief look at the Missouri Classic and tournaments that you can be involved with in the next few months.

An update from the Bible Quiz Movie.

Resources to help you.

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