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Archive | May, 2013


Kevin and James stop by to talk about TV and Bible Quiz.

Kevin recounts the exciting week that was for the Wagner Warriors and their victory on their big Canadian victory on the American Bible Challenge.

We talk about the Final Forty and what might happen at National Finals in Chicago.

(The Final Forty listed by Tim was incorrect for the North Central region. Sorry for the error.)

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Kevin joins Tim to talk about Quiz, of course. Also, the American BIble Challenge. The Great Lakes and Southeast Region results, along with wild cards and possible wild cards.

Results for Regionals can be found at

Larry’s fancy report system can be found at

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[Update: I forgot to include the 5 Question Quiz here in the show notes. It was over Matthew 26. Thanks, Abby.]


Jesse and Dan talk with Tim about 3 more Regional Finals and possible wild card teams.

The American Bible Challenge on will feature the Wagner Warriors in the semifinals.

Info for 2013-2014 is available at the New Jersey Quiz website.

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Kevin and Dan join Tim to talk about the first three Regional Finals for both MSQ and A-League.

Kevin gives a preview of the Wagner Warriors on The American Bible Challenge.

The 5 Question Quiz by Ms. Abby Rogers.

Listen to the show.