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Archive | July, 2013


Kevin, James, Larry, Jesse, and Dan join Tim for a season-ending recap of all the competition and happenings at National Finals.

Even though this is record-setting in length, we did NOT talk about:
– the great work done by Jesse and all those that led worship during National Finals devotions.
– the strong preaching heard from our BIble Quizzers at those devotions.
– the work of Robert and Ginny Carter.
– the leadership of Bernie Elliott and overall problem-free environment of Nationals.
– the food of Chicago (though we did talk about the ice cream)
– the banquet
– the great work by Abby Smith and Jack Trewern from the National office.
– the decreased involvement and presence of National Youth Department leadership. As of this posting, mention of the Nationals Finals hasn’t even shown up on the A/G news service.

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He just keeps winning

Seth Sundell was not only an assistant coach for the winning James River team, he is the winner of our 1st Annual National Finals Predictor. Eight brave souls filled out the Predictor and took a shot at correctly predicting how all 40 teams would finish, along with the Final Four results.

Scores were calculated based on how close the predicted position was to the actual position. All predictors began with 500 points, then lost a half point for every position away from the actual they were. For the Final Four they had to match the Final Four teams exactly. For each exact match, predictors received a 20 point bonus.

Seth correctly placed four of the top six teams during the round robin stage of the tournament, and came within 2 spots of eleven other teams.

The Results:

  1. Seth Sundell- 423 pts. */**
  2. Joshua Wagner – 410 pts.
  3. Richard – 398 pts.
  4. Lindsay Cowan – 392 pts.
  5. Kevin Wagner – 391 pts. *
  6. Jesse Wagner – 386 pts. *
  7. Jesse C. – 380.5 pts.*
  8. Jay Jackson – invalid entry

* a team was selected twice. The second selection received an automatic 20 point deduction. This is one of the pitfalls of our form. It was very hard to know whether or not you had already chosen a team. I’m working on a solution for next year.

** Seth was the only predictor to correctly guess the actual position of a Final Four team. Ironically, it was Owasso that he got right.

It’s also worth noting that Seth selected Bothell #1 to win the Championship game, rather than his own James River team. However, he was eerily accurate with his final game score, predicting a 150-125 final. The actual Championship game ended 155-120.