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The new season officially begins with a brand new format. Gone are the days of Tim and his lonely microphone. Joining him for this entry are Karl Dawson and Scott McGillis. This is supposed to be a “test” entry, but we are releasing it as the first official entry anyway. We still have some sound adjustments to make, and hope that future episodes will be even better.

We talk about latest events and happenings in the world of Bible Quiz. Karl and Scott discuss Application Questions, their usefulness, and how they prepare their teams. We also talk about season opening events.

The first tournament of the year has already happened. We discuss upcoming tournaments, including Michiana and the Gold Cup Tournament.Karl and Scott give their fundraising ideas and advice.

And, of course, we have the 5 Question Quiz, but this time with commentary and analysis from our panel.It’s fun, new, and different. Tell your friends, and write in with your comments and questions to [email protected] also comment on Karl’s blog at and see his website at