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Dr. Joey, Kevin, Dan, and a special guest – listen to find out who – join Tim for a quick-moving show.

Tim shares some advice from three-time National Male Quizzer of the Year, Jared Burkhalter, who writes in to talk about his study methods and the strategies that helped him achieve success in Bible Quiz competition. (Yes, the show intro says “three-time National Champion”, but if you win QOY, doesn’t that make you a champion, too?)

We hear first-hand reports from two of the three pre-Nationals tournaments that are taking place in advance of the Assemblies of God’s National Finals.

We talk about stats and scoring and what it all means for National Finals.

We discuss the forum discussion on rules changes and clarifications.

We have a double dose of the 5 Question Quiz, via Ms. Abby Rogers. Download 5 Question Quiz #1 (PDF). Download 5 Question Quiz #2 (PDF).

Randomized Verse References to help you with your study for Nationals, from Dr. J. Bohanon.

The list of 40 teams headed to Nationals, along with their point averages at Regional Finals (PDF).

Joey’s National Finals page with team biographies.