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BQP20061002 – Acts Chapter 4

A personal note from Dave Pizzolo about the Empire Classic.The 22nd Annual Gold Cup Tournament is around the corner. Contact Tim Ferguson.

Pen. Florida league competition begins this weekend. It will include 3 teams from Teen Challenge girls’ facility in Jupiter.

Answers from last week’s quiz.

Study time on Acts chapter 4 – the S’s.

Our TEN Question Quiz, courtesy of Brian Lewis. Thanks, Brian!

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BQP20060925 – Chapter 3

A bright eleven minutes in your day.

News from the Empire Classic.

Rules for officials, especially quizmasters.

Study Time on Acts chapter 3.

The 5 Question Quiz.Be part of the show…send your questions, comments, agreements, disagreements, and other quiz stuff to [email protected]

BQP20060921 – Chapter 2

All the tasty goodness of Bible Quiz without the guilt.

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Tournament News – Peach Classic in Snellville, Georgia. Only $40 per team for those outside the Georgia District. Contact the illustrious Doug Black to register.The Empire Classic is this weekend in Binghamton, New York.

Answers from last week’s quiz.

BQ Rules – Remember the Glossary.

The Coaches Manual from Gospel Publishing is under revision and red tape and won’t be ready for another month or two.Study Time – Acts Chapter 2 – The Holy Spirit’s Power and the Change in Peter.

Our Five Question Quiz, worth 80 points (plus a quiz-out).

BQP20060913 – Acts Chapter 1, Part 2

Episode two, in a slightly larger size.

Tell your BQ friends about the podcast. You can now subscribe through the iTunes Store – LINK.BQ News and Tourneys. Michiana Invitational, host John Hunter.

Answers from last week’s 5-Question Quiz.

BQ Rules and eligiblity update.Tips for Novice and Championship Quizzers.A Coaches’ Moment.

Study Time – overview of Acts Chapter 1.The 5-Question Quiz.

Other Notes – the Coaches Connection for September is available at Your opinion on quiz boxes. We mention ZeeCraft and Quizbot.Closing. Send your questions, comments, words of encouragement to [email protected]

BQP20060908 – Acts Chapter 1 – Very First Episode

The first episode in a handy trial size.

An explanation of what kind of podcast this is.

Help for the new coach.
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Upcoming tournaments/events.- Georgia Bible Quiz Retreat with Doug Black, Bernie Elliott, and Kent Kloefkorn. Email Doug Black.- 2nd Annual Empire Classic Tournament. Contact Dave Pizzolo.-22nd Annual Gold Cup Tournament. Contact Tim & Michelle Ferguson.

Electronic quiz boxes.

The 5 Question Quiz.

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